My thread on polish Amiga forum:

Manual to dowload (PL):AmigaIDE.pdf
Kickstart (4in1) from internet: 4-in-1
Eagle files:
A500 IDE.sch
A500 IDE.brd

Card preparation - You have to do this on emulator
1. Install Workbench on CF card. How to do this:
Local mirror: Partitioning 16 GB Compact Flash card with WinUAE and PFS3.pdf
Use newest version od HdInstTool:
Local mirror: hdinst.lha
2. When creating partition, set MaxTransfer to 0x1FE00. Type it manually and hit Enter, otherwise it will not work
3. Install Workbench from floppy images
4. Unpack SCSIQuery to C: drawer
Local mirror of SCSIQuery: SCSIQuery.lha
5. Add command "C:scsiquery ide.device 0" to startup-sequence
How to do this? Open CLI and type Ed x
Now in editor find file startup-sequence and open it and put command "C:scsiquery ide.device 0" at the end of this file