My first bigger project:

Schematic Atari ITX SCH.pdf
Board Atari ITX PCB.pdf
BOM: BOM.txt

Soldering instructions:
Soldering Atari ITX Top.pdf
Soldering Atari ITX Bottom.pdf
Assembly tips:
Solder crystal Q7 14.318 first, before soldering ATmega32!
Files for SIO2SD: flash.hex and eeprom.eep
Fuses for ATmega32: H:0xC3 L:0x3F
Don't forget to program XT fuse when programming AKI PIC16F84
Use original AKI file: Tasta.hex or my AKI file: AtariITX AKI.hex
On the bottom of PCB: connect two jumpers called DIL24 if Your Basic ROM is in DIL24 package or connect two jumpers called DIL28, if Your Basic ROM is in DIL28 package.
You can use 27C256 Eproms for OS ROM and BASIC ROM - use ATARIBAS W27E257.ROM file for Basic and ATARIXL W27E257.ROM file for OS ROM
GAL16V8 MMU replacement: MMU.jed
GAL16V8 MMMU (or eMMU or U34) replacement:
Pinout and cable of second joystick: joy1.jpg joy2.jpg joy3.jpg pinout.jpg

Some pictures: