Version 1.1 of Atari ST ATX
All small mistkes fixed, everything works fine. There are two jumpers, now You can chose which TOS (1.04 / 2.06) You want to use.
IDE works good, ACSI also works good.
STGA1040 working on Atari ST ATX motherboard

Eagle files and gerbers:
AtariST microATX.sch
AtariST microATX.brd

BOM: BOM.csv

BIN, ROM, JED and other:
IC10 Eiffel
IC11 IDE + TOS logic
IC12 STGA1040 logic (thanks to Idek)

For STGA1040 I'm using driver from - MegaST/STGA/
Local mirror: for DAC TR9C1710 8-bit for DAC KDA0476 8-bit for DAC SC11486CN-66 15-bit for DAC W82C490 24-bit (?)

I was informed, that order of driver files in AUTO folder on CF card is very important. You have to put them one after another: first one is Emulator.prg then Menu.prg/Xmenu.prg and then Sta_vdi.prg and then rest of them.

My ET4000 model is:

Some pdf files:
AtariST microATX SCH 1.pdf
AtariST microATX SCH 2.pdf
AtariST microATX SCH 3.pdf
AtariST microATX PCB 1.pdf
AtariST microATX PCB 2.pdf
AtariST microATX PCB 3.pdf
AtariST microATX place 1.pdf
AtariST microATX place 2.pdf